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Some myths about Education Centres or Pupil Referral Units (PRUs)

Students are occasionally threatened with attending an Education Centre, such as Woodlands, if their behaviour does not improve.  In these cases, Education Centres are portrayed as dumping grounds for the worst students that are being set up for little more than a life of crime.  Whilst this may help some students to stay on the ‘straight and narrow’ in mainstream schools, it is a very inaccurate picture of what we do and who we cater for.

The reality about Woodlands Education Centre

We are here to support vulnerable students and help them to succeed in a mainstream school or college or the world of work.  The term ‘vulnerable’ covers many different needs: from medical and emotional difficulties that prevent or inhibit a student from attending school; to students experiencing behavioural difficulties for a range of reasons, such as an undiagnosed learning need or a family crisis or having out grown school.

We work closely with the Havant Federation of Schools to ensure that vulnerable students, whatever their needs, can continue their education in a learning environment that supports them, but still expects that they will achieve the best possible academic, social and vocational results.  Most of our students are dual registered, which means that they remain on their mainstream school’s register while they attend Woodlands.  This gives students the best chance of returning to a mainstream school, if that is the most suitable place for them.

Woodlands’ values and our expectations for staff and students

I am very clear that our work with vulnerable students must be underpinned by a set of core values that determine the rights and responsibilities of both our staff and students.  Woodlands’ values of respect, engage and achieve are enshrined in the Woodlands’ Charter, which can been accessed via this link:  Woodlands’ Charter.   Woodlands works very closely with parents, carers and students’ mainstream schools, and our core values also inform the respectful, active and successful working relationships that we strive to build with these partners.

If you have any unanswered questions having visited our site or you would like to make a suggestion about the site, please contact me at Woodlands.

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