Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

When we work together we really have a chance for success and I appreciate your feedback. It was lovely to welcome you to Woodlands at our afternoon tea…we had 2 parents, lots more would be brill next time! Speaking to each other may help too, so I will be sending  another invite soon. If you have any comments or ideas PLEASE share them with me.

As you can imagine, this term has been busy and the Year 11’s are a particular focus as they face the coming GCSE exams and decision making about which college and which course to go on to.

I am grateful to Jo Bryant Head of  PE for introducing the new trampoline , sports equipment and range of activities and I know we will be winning trampolining competitions very soon as our young people have shown such skill ( and fearlessness! )

The English department have worked tirelessly to complete the English coursework and would you believe our most vocal students have proved shy when faced with being recorded in their speaking and listening exam…(my guess however is that we will do much better speaking than listening!)

The food and SMSC department just continue go from strength to strength at Woodlands and I hope you all feel confident to eat what comes home!

The IU unit that is so skilfully managed by Karen Suddaby-Warwick means that we have a great rate of success in getting pupils and families confident in Woodlands.

We all feel we are moving in the right direction to secure the best possible outcome for your young people. HOWEVER!!


Please can I request your support again! We are going to relaunch the uniform policy after Easter with no exceptions. We can provide uniform for those who don’t comply on a daily or long term basis and I am aware of some mitigating circumstances for which I have/need medical evidence.


As a result of our pupil committee – known as Pupil Voice we are introducing a tuck shop after Easter for a term to see how it goes. Spending will be limited to £1 a day and pupils have requested that chocolate bars, crisps and drinks will be available. I will do my best to ensure these are healthy options but we may not qualify for the healthy schools award any time soon.


I have secured approval from the chair of The Management Committee to seek a cook who will provide fresh and healthy lunches made on site with the help of our pupils. This will mean we can all eat together and enjoy each other’s company. If you know of anyone suitable please pass this on.


We are also saying goodbye to Hakan Erkam (Art Teacher) who will be leaving us to take up a new position in another school, we wish him all the very best in his new job.


I am also looking for retired/grandparent volunteers who have gardening, construction or just listening ears