It is essential to promote, recognise and reward good behaviour and positive contributions.  At Woodlands we recognise that encouragement and praise is central to our school ethos and we aim to celebrate achievement and success in all aspects of school life.  There are many ways in which students can be rewarded, as outlined below.

Reward Code Behaviour Reward Value
Engagement in Learning: Yellow Part achieving all learning objectives for that lesson All points can be banked for school trips or spend for vouchers 1 point
Engagement in Learning: Green Achieving all learning objectives for that lesson. 2 points
Raffle Ticket Demonstrating Woodlands’ values (Respect, Engage and Achieve) in and out of the classroom 1 point
Postcard Home Excellent work or effort in and out of the classroom Postcard home 3 points
Student of the Week Exceptional contribution to Woodlands and our work in and out of the classroom Student of the Week 5 points

Celebration of Reward Points:

Reward points will be recorded by all staff and have a specific value (see above).  Tutors or other staff will phone parents/carers when students have had a really good day, to share the good news.

Each week your form tutor will give you an update of your reward points to date.  Each half term your points will be added up and certificates will be awarded. There will be half termly rewards and a termly prize draw.

At the end of the summer term, all winning students for the academic year will be invited to take part in a reward trip.

Additional Awards:

  • 100% attendance: Certificate and raffle ticket
  • Subject Awards: Certificates issued termly at celebration assembly and in     final Year Award Ceremony


Level Examples of Behaviour Consequences By Whom
C1 Disrupting the learning of othersTalking / arguing / out of seat

Swearing (General)

Verbal warningVisual reminder or warning (i.e. names on board) Class Teacher
C2 Repetition of any C1 offenceRepeated Swearing (General)

Swearing at a Person

Lateness to lesson up to 7 minutes)

Refusal to follow instructions

Reduction of points for the lessonLose Pool time

Note on target card

Phone call home

Class Teacher





Repetition of any C2 offenceRepeated swearing at a person

Pushing green buttons




Work avoidance or refusal to complete all work set despite support.

Meeting with tutor to discuss behaviourPhone call home

Not able to get



Break or Lunchtime Detention (through Duty Detention)

Class Teacher or Tutor (decided through discussion)







Persistent C3 behaviourName Calling

Refusal to work and/or persistent disruption of other students learning

Broken Property/Vandalism

Lesson Truancy



Having phone in school

Phone call homeLoss of break and Lunch


Picked up by on call, taken back to lesson

Break or Lunchtime Detention (through Duty Detention)


Hand phone into SLT

C4+ Refusing to hand phone in

Smoking (Including E-Cigarettes)

Student is given an afterschool detention for that day and parents contacted.

For persistent smoking on school site, student is excluded.

C5 Persistent C4 behaviourRefusal to attend Isolation or Detention

Repeated  poor behaviour during isolation

Fighting resulting in physical harm

Physical violence against a person

Racist or Homophobic abuse


Broken Property/Vandalism

Persistent Bullying

Phone call homeStudent discussed at SLT

Saturday Morning Detention

SLT review of student provision


(NB: Refusal to attend Isolation may result in being sent home)

C6 Either persistent C5 behaviour or very serious offences, such as brining a weapon or drugs onto school premises onto the school premises SLT review of provision at woodlandsAfter School Provision

Alternative provision sought through the LA


 Please note that this grid is only designed to be a guide and is not exhaustive; each case will be judged on its own merit


Basic Rules of the Consequences System

  • Staff will always try to build relationships with you and encourage you to choose the correct behaviour
  • Once a consequence has been given it cannot be taken back except in exceptional circumstances and through consultation with a of member of the Senior Leadership Team
  • You will always be told why you have been given a consequence


If you receive a C4 you will be informed of the consequence on the day you misbehave. You will be isolated for break and lunch time with a member of SLT. If students behaviour does not imporve Isolation can be expanded throughout the day.

Isolation consists of spending 1:1 time with a member of SLT away from your peers. Failure to attend or misbehaviour during the isolation will result in an escalation of the consequence. A meeting will be held between the student and their tutor to discuss a re-engagement plan. This will ensure that the student knows exactly what actions need to be taken to prevent further isolation. A copy of this plan will be sent home to parents/carers.

After School Provision

If students are placed on after school provision the reasons for this action will be discussed with the  parent/career. Students will be on a two week review programme, once the student is engaging well in after school provision, they will be introduced back into a day time timetable. During this meeting a Re-engagement plan will be drawn up so that the student knows exactly what actions are expected from them.

Home Tuition

Home tuition will be used if the student is unable to engage with the after school provision or due to persistent C6 behaviour.

Commonly asked questions

What can I do if I feel I have been harshly treated?

Do not argue with the teacher who has given you the consequence. Wait until the end of the lesson and speak to them calmly or see your Tutor during an appropriate break time and at their convenience.

What do I do if I cannot attend my detention due to another appointment?

You should always complete your consequence.  However, if you have a medical appointment or something similar, you will need to ask your parent/carer to contact the school office.  If you simply fail to complete your consequence you will be given a further consequence.

Does the school keep track of my rewards and consequences?

Yes, using a computer system called SIMS.  We will monitor your rewards and consequences and discuss these with you during your weekly tutorial.