Referrals to the Centre

Woodlands Education Centre is a mixed pupil referral unit catering for up to 80 students from 11 to 16 years of age.  We are part of Hampshire’s Education Inclusion Service (EIS) and work with students from the Havant Federation of Secondary Schools.  Federation schools usually refer students to Woodlands for a short-term placement, to help them to refocus on their learning and/or to prevent a permanent exclusion.  Federation schools refer students that are emotionally or medically unwell to EIS, who may refer them to Woodlands for us to provide appropriate support until they are able to return to a mainstream school.

Most of our students are ‘dual registered’, meaning that they remain on their home school’s register as well as Woodland’s register.  The point of this is to ensure that students have the best possible chance of returning to a mainstream school, if this is the most appropriate place for them.  EIS expect that, ideally, most students will return to their mainstream school after spending two terms at Woodlands.  In increasingly rare cases, despite the best efforts of Federation schools and Woodlands, students are permanently excluded.  These students are ‘single registered’ at Woodlands.

Please follow these links to see flow diagrams of how students enter and exit Woodlands:

Students short-term placements to refocus on learning and/or to prevent a permanent exclusion

Students who are emotionally or medically unwell students

Students who have been permanently excluded