School Vision, Values and Ethos

Our Whole School Vision

Our Whole School Values

Woodlands Education Centre staff, students and governors follow 4 whole school values:


Trust – Inspire – Motivate – Everyone


School Ethos

At Woodlands Education Centre, we aim to become a learning hub that serves the whole community. A place where students and communities come together to learn, develop skills, knowledge and attitudes, a place for local groups to meet and feel involved. Our values highlight ‘everyone’ working together to create a community setting that truly serves the community.

At Woodlands Education Centre, our core beliefs and values provide the foundation for our approach to improving outcomes for every student. We believe that effective identification of barriers to learning, early diagnosis of need and appropriate intervention is critical to giving all students the best opportunities to succeed at school and in life. Education and support that is effective has the power to transform the lives of students, to prepare them for their next steps and to help them reach their full potential with high expectations throughout their lives.

At Woodlands Education Centre, we are committed to providing high quality teaching, learning and support to improve the life chances of students and families we work with. We believe that the views and choices of our students should help shape our curriculum ensuring that every student has an education that supports their aspirations for the future.

We recognise the vital role that parents and carers play in supporting students to make important decisions about their future lives. We are committed therefore to ensuring that we work closely with students and their families; through regular reviews of student progress and during formal meetings as and when required. Our values reflect our commitment to education which:

  • Has focus on the best possible outcomes for students and their families, based on their aspirations and priorities for adult life
  • Adopts a student centred approach, which ensures that the voice of the student is at the centre of all we do.
  • Provides high quality teaching, learning and support that is accessible by all
  • Ensure high quality provision through practice which is reflective and evidence based
  • Work in the best interests of the student and their family by engaging with appropriate external agencies that support positive outcomes for all students

Trust – Inspire – Motivate – Everyone